Convert TIFF to PDF for Free – 4 Ultimate Solutions You Should Know

When you have some photos for business, it is recommended to convert TIFF image to PDF. Once you turn TIFF to PDF file, you can also edit PDF of the original image file. When you need to share some TIFF images to others for further edit, you had better learn methods to convert TIFF to PDF.

Just as the name of PDF shows, PDF (Portable Document Format) is the file format, which can works well on most applications. TIFF file (Tag Image File Format) is the first choice for people to exchange raster graphics or bitmap images among scanners and editors.


Solution 1: How to convert TIFF to PDF on Mac

When you want to convert TIFF to PDF on Mac, you can find multiple solutions from Google or other search engine. In some degree, there are fixed functions about converting a TIFF image to PDF. Nevertheless, you can change TIFF into PDF on Mac for free without any other third party software. Just open with Preview, and then you can also convert TIFF to PDF in batch.

Step 1: Open Finder on OS X to choose the TIFF photos, after that access them with Preview. You can also start Preview first, and then to drag and drop images into the Mac converter. If you have not know Preview before, use the search icon on the top right corner of your desktop to find Preview.

Step 2: No matter how many images you need to transform, the whole process of converting single or groups TIFF to PDF images are similar. As for single TIFF pictures, you need to choose “File”, after that, select “Export as PDF …” icon to save as PDF format. As for batch PDF images conversion from TIFF formats, you just need to select all of them before transferring. You can use your mouse or click “Command” and “A” together.

Step 3: Give new names to converted PDF photos, and choose the folder to store. At last, click “Save” to finish PDF conversion on Mac for free.

Export as PDF with Preview

With Preview software on Mac, you can also edit TIFF photos rotate, zoom in or zoom out, annotate, flip and so on. However, Preview is not suitable for TIFF files transformation to PDF. Therefore, you have to use other online TIFF to PDF convert editors or download on Mac.

Solution 2: How to transfer TIFF to PDF on Windows

1. Convert TIFF to PDF with Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a nice choice to convert TIFF to PDF on Windows for free. The whole installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is very easy to operate. Click “Install now” icon to start conversion of TIFF to PDF freeware preparing. After that, double click the free PDF converter installation file to install step by step. Sign into the Adobe Reader before your TIFF to PDF variation.

Step 1: Click “File” list to get “Open” selection. Next, open the TIFF files or images with Adobe Reader.

Step 2: Tap “Create PDF Online” option. After that, you can get the window for PDF transformation. The idea TIFF source file is on the right part, click “Convert” icon.

Step 3: Choose “Retrieve PDF File” to get the new PDF file. At last, tap “Download” to save the new PDF files into the folders you prefer.

Adobe Reader

2. Convert TIFF to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Moreover, another Adobe editor can also achieve the same converting result, Adobe Acrobat Pro. You are allowed to edit, create and convert PDFs, which means you can convert PDF to TIFF as well. The first step is finding your TIFF files, which is not necessary to mention on the guide TIFF to PDF conversation steps.

Step 1: Right click the idea TIFF format file, and then choose “Convert to Adobe PDF” selection. After that, you will see the pop-up window of the Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.

Step 2: Click “Export” icon and rename your converted PDF files. At this moment, you can already view PDF files with Adobe Reader or other PDF viewers as well.

Adobe Acrobat

Actually, you can also convert a TIFF to PDF on Windows for free directly. Choose “Print” selection after you open TIFF pictures. After that, tap “PDF Converter Elite” icon to save TIFF images as PDF. The main disadvantage of converting into PDF format on Windows directly is that you cannot transfer files, just as Mac Preview does.

3. Convert TIFF to PDF with WidsMob PDFEdit

WidsMob PDFEdit is a professional PDF editor to edit PDF, sign & certify and manage files and enhance your PDF editing experience. You can easily use this PDFEdit to convert TIFF image as PDF format in easy steps. Check the following steps to learn how to save TIFF format as PDF with ease.

Download for Win Version

Step 1. Install this professional PDF editor and open the program on your computer. Click "Create" on the upper list and choose "From Files..." to add TIFF image into the program

Open Image File PDFEdit

Step 2. You can preview your TIFF image file on WidsMob PDFEdit before converting to PDF format. You can also do some editing such as adding watermark or comments before conversion.

Preview Image PDFEdit

Step 3. After editing, click “File” on the Menu Bar and choose "Save As" to directly convert TIFF image to PDF file.

Save to PDF PDFEdit

(Optional) Step 4. You can also choose "Print" on the "File" from the Menu Bar. Choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" to quickly print TIFF file to PDF format.

Save to PDF PDFEdit

Solution 3: How to turn TIFF to PDF Online

Online PDF converter does not have too many limitations towards operating system or other requirements. The popular PDF online converter is TIFF to PDF. You can update less than 20 TIFF images to convert to PDF styles. There are no limitation towards file size and registration. Moreover, your PDF images no not have any watermarks on it as well.

Step 1: Click “Upload Files” to import TIFF pictures. You can also drag and drop them directly into the conversion area to start. Just wait for few seconds, and then the whole process will be finished.

Step 2: Select thumbnails to download each PDF files individually. If you have large number to output, you can click “Combined” to merge them into one PDF file.


There is no damage to make conversion to convert a TIFF to PDF online. Because TIFF to PDF online free editor announces that they will delete all data an hour later. In addition, you can share converted PDF files to social platform as well, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and so on.


There are many ways to convert TIFF to PDF format. No matter these methods are free or not, you can finish PDF transformation within three steps. The above tips permit your daily work enough, whether you use Windows or Mac computer. Moreover, if you need to turn TIFF to PDF on iPhone or Android, you can also find various good PDF converters with powerful features.

Download for Win Version