Insert PDF into PowerPoint – 3 Workable Methods You Should Know

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If you need to insert a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation, what should be the best choice? Does PowerPoint compatible with the PDF files directly? Whether you want to add the PDF as an Object/Image or convert PDF files to PowerPoint, here are the 3 best and most efficient methods you should know to insert a PDF file into your PowerPoint slides in a few clicks.

Insert PDF into PowerPoint

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Slides

PDFelement is the all-rounded PDF converter that enables you to turn PDF into PowerPoint compatible formats. It not only converts PDF to PowerPoint slides but also images. Moreover, the program is equipped with a slew of powerful editing and conversion capabilities to insert the PDF into PowerPoint. You can also convert the PDF to the desired files in a batch process.

1. Convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentations, and more file formats.

2. Provide the editing features to add texts, annotations, comments, etc.

3. Perform an advanced OCR algorithm to extract the content from the PDF.

4. Manage PDF pages, merge PDF, compress large files, redact, and more.

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Step 1. Launch the PDFElement on your computer and choose the Open File button to open the PDF document that you want to be converted. Alternatively, you may drag the PDF file from its location to the program's interface using the drag-and-drop method.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2. Once you have uploaded the desired PDF, you may opt to alter it or proceed to the conversion phase. To convert PDF to PowerPoint, choose the File menu. Select the Export To option and choose the PowerPoint option from the drop-down list.

Convert PDF to Powerpoint PDFElement

Step 3. Click the Save button to initiate the conversion. Open PowerPoint and navigate to the slide on which you wish to put your converted PDF file. From its menu, select the Insert button, then choose the Object tab. Click the Insert button to insert a PDF into PowerPoint as a slide.

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Part 2: How to Insert PDF to PowerPoint as Image

Another possible way to insert your PDF into PowerPoint slides is by inserting the file as an image. You can do it within the PowerPoint directly as long as you have the screenshots of your PDF file on your device. After that, follow these simple steps.

Step 1. To reach the main menu of your PowerPoint project, open PowerPoint on your computer and navigate to the PowerPoint slide to which you desire to add a PDF file. After that, you can simply select the Insert option and click the Screenshot button.

Insert PDF as Screenshot

Step 2. Now that all accessible windows are visible, you may pick the PDF file that you want to include as an image. The slide will then display your selected document as an image. If you just need to insert a PDF into PowerPoint as a reference, it is a nice option.

Add PDF as Screenshot PPT

Part 3: How to Use PDF in PowerPoint as an Object

If your PowerPoint slides are published online and are used as a source of information, you need to offer a PDF as a reference. For this case, you can insert the PDF file into PowerPoint as an object. To include a PDF into PPT without sacrificing its quality, follow these steps.

Step 1. To insert the PDF into the PowerPoint presentation, open PowerPoint on your computer and click on the slide where you want to enter it. After that, you can choose the Insert feature and hit the Object option to insert a PDF into the PowerPoint.

Insert PDF as Object

Step 2. Select the Create from file option from the Insert Object dialogue box to click the Browse link. This process opens the file explorer window. Once the destination file has been selected, click the OK button, and the inserted PDF icon will show on the selected slide.

Insert Object

Step 3. When you need to preview the PDF file during the presentation, you can simply double-click on the icon while in standard view. But you should contain both the PDF and PowerPoint in the same folder when you move the PPT to another device.

Part 4: FAQs about How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint

1Can you edit a PDF in PowerPoint?
Yes. Just download Insert PDF as the add-on to your PowerPoint. Once the slide has been ungrouped, all elements and attributes are editable. Besides editing and inserting a PDF into PowerPoint, it also enables you to utilize the graphic in PPT, Word, Publisher, or any other vector-based editor.
2What are the advantages of inserting PDFs into PowerPoint slides?
Inserting PDFs into PowerPoint documents eliminates the recipient's need to open several slides simultaneously. It is especially beneficial if you're sharing your screen during a conversation, which can help you send fewer files to a customer or colleague.
3What is the difference between a PowerPoint slide and a PDF document?
PowerPoint is an important tool for many businesses, which does not provide the same level of protection as PDF files. PowerPoint has minimal password protection and encryption features while PDF files have time limitations for slideshows and user accounts associated with these presentations.


Whether you need a classroom presentation or a webinar demonstration, Microsoft PowerPoint is the go-to tool for everyone. When you need to deliver a presentation and reference PDF files, you can do it immediately and seamlessly, without switching between a PDF reader and PowerPoint. Use PDFelelement to insert your files into your PowerPoint slides without any problem.

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