How to Add Text to an Existing PDF Document on Desktop or Online

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Tina Clark

It is well-known that a PDF document is a still file and cannot be changed once exporting. However, it does not mean you cannot add text to a PDF file. It is a simple way to add a comment, additional information, and more to a PDF. This article tells you four easy ways to apply text or text boxes to your PDF files on a desktop or online. If you are ready, let’s start the journey.

How to Add Text to PDF

Part 1: The Best Way to Add Text Box in PDF on Windows

How to Encrypt PDF Files with WidsMob PDFEdit

MS Word can open and edit PDF documents. It takes much time and space to do it. Therefore, we recommend you to try WidsMob PDFEditor. Its key features include:

  • Add text or text box to a PDF on Windows 10/8/7.
  • Edit the appearance of the text, such as font, color, and more.
  • Keep the existing text and elements on PDF in the original condition.
  • Speed up the process using hardware acceleration.
  • Offer a concise interface that everyone can master quickly.

All in all, it is the best way to add a text or text box to a PDF on PCs.

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How to Add Text or Text Box to PDF on PC

Step 1: Import the PDF into the best PDF editor

When you need to add text to a PDF, download the best PDF editor, and double-click the installer file to install it to your PC. Then click File -> Open on the top menu bar to import the PDF that you want to edit. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the document into the main interface to import it directly.

Create PDF File on PDFEdit

Step 2: Add text or text box in PDF

Scroll down to preview your PDF file and locate the page where you want to add text. Then click the Edit menu on the top ribbon to activate the content editing panel on the right side. Select the Add Text tool, and click on the desired position to add a text box. Next, enter the text into the box. Now, you can set the appearance of the text on the right side, such as font, size, align, strong, tilt, underline, and more.

Add Text to PDF in PDFEdit

In addition, to edit the added text, the PDF editor also allows you to edit existing text in PDF. Select the Edit Text & Images tool on the right side to put the PDF into edit mode. Select the text and change the appearance.

Copy PDF Text with WidsMob PDFEdit

Step 3: Export the final PDF

After adding text to the PDF, press Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard to replace the original PDF document. If you want to keep the original PDF, click the File menu and save the final file as a new document.

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Part 2: Add Text to a PDF with Preview on Mac

On Mac OS X, Apple has introduced many utilities to help users to perform various tasks. The Preview utility is not only able to edit photos but also can add text to a PDF simply.

Step 1: Open the PDF that you wish to edit within the Preview application. Click the Show Markup Toolbar to display the toolbar for PDF documents.

Step 2: Select the Text tool on the toolbar. Then scroll down the PDF file to find the desired page. Click where you prefer to add needed text to activate the text box. Write down the word into the box, and you can adjust the font size and color utilizing the options on the toolbar.

Step 3: Finally, click the Share icon on the upper left side. Then save the final PDF document to your computer or share it via email or other channels.

Note: Preview allows you to add text to a PDF with enough room. You cannot overlay new text on existing text, images, or other elements. Otherwise, you have to erase the original text with white color using the Sketch tool.

Add Text to PDF with Preview

Part 3: Add Text to a PDF Online

Sometimes, you are not convenient to install PDF editor software on your computer. In such cases, can you add text to a PDF? The answer is yes. Online PDF editor apps can meet your need. However, they all have some shortcomings, such as the inability to process encrypted PDF, require a good internet connection, add watermark to the final PDF, leak your privacy, and more. If you do not mind the downsides, we use Sejda as the example to show you the workflow of adding text to a PDF online.

Step 1: Open a web browser, copy and paste into the address bar. Then hit the Enter key on your keyboard to access the web app.

Step 2: Click the Upload PDF file button to upload your PDF from your hard drive. Alternatively, import the PDF document from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 3: Select the Text tool, which is the first icon on the toolbar. Then scroll down the PDF file to locate the desired page. Once place your cursor on where you want to add text, the textbox will be activated. Enter the needed words and adjust the appearance of the text, including Bold, Italic, Font Size, Font Family, and Color.

Step 4: After adding text to the PDF, click the Apply changes button at the bottom. When it finishes, you will go to the download page. Here you can get the document by hitting the Download button. You can also transfer it to Google Drive, print it with your printer, or share it to your email.

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This article has told you how to add text or text box to a PDF document, so you can leave your comment, supplement additional information, and more. If you do not like desktop software, web-based PDF editor apps offer you the text-adding ability. For Mac users, Preview is a simple way to do the job. When it comes to PC users, WidsMob PDFEditor can simplify the workflow. We hope that our guide is helpful to you.

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