Insert PDF into Excel – 4 Different Methods to Embed PDF for All Situations

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Both Excel worksheets and PDF documents are useful toolkits for business. Is it possible to insert PDF into Excel? Of course, you might need to include the PDF as a reference in your Excel worksheets, for example, if you are creating a record of arriving or exiting cash and need to attach an invoice. How to insert a PDF into Excel? When you need to find possible methods to achieve the goal. Just discover the solutions for this problem as you read this article now.

Insert PDF into Excel

Part 1: How to Use PDF in Excel as an Object/Linked Object

If the data in your Excel spreadsheet refers to a PDF-formatted resource, it is better to embed the PDF in Excel to spare the audience from searching for the appropriate file. Fortunately, you can simply do this process within Excel directly.

Step 1: Open the desired Excel spreadsheet and open the window where you may pick the PDF, browse to the Insert menu and select the Object button from the Excel document's top menu.

Insert Object Excel

Step 2: Navigate to the Create from file tab after the pop-up window appears. After that, you can select the Browse option and choose the PDF you wish to insert from your computer.

Create From File Excel

Step 3. To enter a PDF link into Excel, check the option labeled Display as icon in the same pop-up window. Rather than showing the entire PDF, this creates a little PDF icon that you can just click to open.

Note: It is a viable alternative if you require the inclusion of a few PDF documents in your spreadsheet.

Display PDF Icon Excel

Step 4. Along with this choice, there is a check box labeled Link to file. It's a good choice to insert a PDF into Excel, as it ensures that if you make changes to the original PDF document, the linked file will also be updated.

Link to PDF Excel

You can concurrently pick both the Link to PDF and Display as icon options. Alternatively, if the document does not need to be updated, simply choose the Display as icon option.

Part 2: How to Convert PDF to Excel Directly

When you need to use the PDF directly in an Excel spreadsheet, you can simply convert PDF to Excel. After that, you can simply add the converted Excel to make a whole spreadsheet. It is an easy method to view the inserted PDF content in Excel directly. PDFElement is a versatile method to manage PDF files, including converting PDF to Excel, image, and other file formats. Moreover, you can also open, view, resize, and edit the inserted PDF document.

  1. Convert PDF to Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and images.
  2. Provide a batch process to convert PDF to Excel and others within clicks.
  3. Perform OCR technology to extract the texts from the PDF to your Excel.
  4. Create PDF documents from scratch, from other file formats, or web pages.
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Step 1. Drag and drop a PDF file that you want to insert into Excel spreadsheet to PDFElement or select the Open files button to open the file. It enables you to preview the PDF files directly within the program.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2. To convert your PDF document to an Excel file, click the Convert menu and select the To Excel button. The converted Excel file may be opened to copy the content and paste it into another excel file.

Convert PDF to Excel PDFElement Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: How to Convert PDF to Images for Excel

It is one of the most effective approaches for inserting the picture of a PDF file into Excel. However, you must convert the complete PDF file to pictures using one of the programs listed above. Numerous online and offline programs exist to convert PDFs to images. Wondershare PDFelement is the first and greatest offline utility.

Step 1: Open PDFelement and select the Open files option. Choose the PDF file and click the Open option to edit the PDF document before converting it to picture format. To accomplish this, head to the Edit tab.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2: To convert a PDF to a high-quality JPG image, click the To Image option under the Convert tab, which will open a new window within the software. Click the Save button to begin the conversion process.

Step 3: Open the Excel spreadsheet, you can click the Insert tab and click on the Pictures option to insert the image into Excel. Right-click on the picture to Excel and choose the Link option to insert converted PDF to Excel.

Insert Hyperlink Converted PDF PDFElement Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about How to Insert PDF into Excel

1What is the advantage of inserting a PDF into Excel?
It is a method to provide insufficient space in the spreadsheet to contain all of the information you want. You may like to incorporate photographs. When you embed PDF in Excel, you may simply insert more information or pictures in your spreadsheet immediately.
2How to fix an error warning when I insert a PDF into Excel?
If you get an error notice while attempting to enter a PDF into Excel, it is possible that the PDF's embedding settings prohibit the document from being embedded. This is an Adobe Reader function that is intended to safeguard the PDF's integrity.
3Is it possible for others to open the PDF that I inserted in Excel?
If you followed the instructions above, the PDF file will be included in the package of the saved Excel file. This implies that the PDF document will be accessible to others as well. This will not be the case if you navigated to Insert - Object - Package.


These are just a handful of the methods to insert PDF files into an Excel sheet. Additionally, this post has instructions on how to convert PDF to Image and PDF to Excel. When working with PDF documents on a regular basis, it is advised that you utilize Wondershare PDFelement, which has comprehensive PDF editing tools.

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