Is It Possible to Print a PDF with Comments? Here is the Ultimate Guide

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When you need to check some important markups in a PDF, is it possible to print the PDF with comments? Yes. Because comments and annotations are not part of the PDF content, the different PDF printers might provide various options for comment printing, even for the different Acrobat versions. The article shares 2 frequently used PDF printers to print PDF with note lines and comments.

Print a PDF with Comments

Part 1: How to Print PDF with Comments with Adobe

Adobe Acrobat is the most popular PDF editor to print PDFs with comments and mark-ups. It provides multiple methods to print the note lines, including Summarize Comments, Document and Markups, Create Comment Summary, and more. Moreover, you can also tweak the other settings to print the pop-up notes with the PDF file.

Print Comments and Mark-Ups via Summarize Comment

Step 1: Go to the File menu and choose the Print button located in the main toolbar. Click the Summarize Comments option from the drop-down list of Comments & Forms located in the Print dialog box.

Summarize Comment Adobe

Step 2: Confirm to include the summary of the comments in the printout with the popup dialog box by clicking the Yes button. After that, choose the Print button to print the PDF with summarize comments.

Print Documents and Markups Adobe

Print Comment and Mark-Up Symbols

Step 1: Head to the Tools menu and select the Comment button from the Review & Approve section. After that, you can click the Options menu to select the Commenting Preferences option.

Comment Preferences Adobe

Step 2: From the Viewing Comments window, you should check the Print notes and pop-ups option. You can adjust the Pop-Up Opacity to make sure you can get the optimal effect for the printings.

Check Print Notes and Popups Adobe

Step 3: In the main toolbar menu, choose the Print button. From the Print dialog box’s Comments & Forms drop-down menu, click the Documents and Markups option before clicking the Print button.

Print Comments and Mark-Ups with Create Comment Summary

Step 1: Go to the Tools menu and choose the Comment button. From the Comment pane, click the Options menu to choose the Create Comment Summary option from the drop-down list.

Create Comment Summary Adobe

Step 2: Choose the Document and comments with connector lines on separate pages option for printing comments with connector lines on single pages. Tweak the other parameters before printing.

Choose Comment Layout Adobe

Step 3: Click the Create Comment Summary button, you can choose the PDF layout, determine how you want your comments sorted, and select the font size before clicking the Print button to print PDF with markups.

Seperate Comments and PDF Adobe

Part 2: How to Print PDF with Mark-Ups with PDFElement

Is there an easy method to print PDFs with comments? PDFelement is the one-stop solution to add comments, print mark-ups, and adjust settings with ease. The commenting and printing capability saves your time and increases the professional presentation of PDFs. Moreover, you can also add links, sticky notes, and more before printing PDFs with markups.

1. Comment on PDFs with text comments, links, sticky notes, and text boxes.

2. Print the PDF with comment or form, print as a reverse page or image, etc.

3. Save time to utilize the PDF forms and documents for printing the PDF files.

4. Adjust the PDF printing to get the comments and markups in high quality.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Open files button to import the PDFs with comments. If you need to add comments, click the Comment button to add an additional file to the PDF.

Add Comments to PDF PDFElement

Step 2: In the Comment window, you can add links, text comments, sticky notes, text boxes, stamps, callouts, and even draw on the PDF directly. After that, you can preview the effect within the PDF before printing the PDF with comments.

Choose Print Option PDFElement

Step 3: Click the File menu and choose the Print button once you have selected the PDF. Tweak the different parameters, such as Printer, Print Content, Print Option, and more. Once you have done, you can click the Print button to print PDF with comments.

Virtual Printer PDFElement

Note: When you need to print some sensitive information, you can mark it with the Classified option through a stamp generated in the program and added through the PDFelement comment printing process.

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Part 3: FAQs on Printing PDF with Comments and Markups

1How do I add marks to a PDF with Adobe?
Open the desired PDF file with Adobe Acrobat and click the Comment tool from Tools to add PDF annotations and comments. It enables you to add sticky notes, highlight text, underline text, strikethrough text, insert text at the cursor, text comment, etc.
2How do I make all comments visible in PDF?
You can use the toggle switch to hide or show all comments on the PDF file. Of course, you can take advantage of the hotkeys by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + 8 keys for Windows or the Command+Shift+8 keys for macOS. After that, you can check the comments on the PDF before printing.
3Is there an alternative if you cannot print PDF with comments?
If you cannot print PDF with comments, you can simply save the PDF as an image. After that, you can print the image with comments. Of course, you can switch between Adobe Acrobat and PDFelement to find the optimal PDF file according to your requirements.


To print PDFs with comments and markups, here are the workable methods you should know. Whether you need to print the PDF with comments as the original or separate the comments in another line, here are the workable choices you can choose. If you need to add comments, adjust the printing parameters, and get the optimal effects, PDFelement is one of the best choices you should not miss.

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