How to Edit a PDF Document – It Should be Easier Than Your Imagination

You will find a moment where you need to edit a certain fillable PDF form but you don’t have the knowledge to do such a task. What are the best methods to edit a PDF document without conversion? Whether you need to add text and images, fill in the PDF forms, or even add a signature to an interactive PDF, here are 3 frequently used methods about how to edit a PDF on your computer within a few clicks.

How to Edit a PDF Document

Part 1: An Easy Method to Edit a PDF

When you need to find a versatile PDF editor to edit some PDF documents on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, PDFelement is the desired choice. It is the all-in-one PDF editor to edit the PDF like Word, such as adding texts, images, and shapes to PDFs. There are multiple settings to adjust sizes, colors, fonts, and more. Moreover, it provides 100GB of cloud storage to sync and manage the PDF file.

1. Edit text, images, watermark, link, background, header, and bates number.

2. Annotate PDF with a highlight, comment, shapes, draw, eraser, stamps, etc.

3. Fill forms for PDF documents, create e-signature and sign PDF files directly.

4. Combine, split, delete, replace, insert, rotate, extract, and reorder the PDFs.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can click the Open files button to import the PDF files. In case you don’t have a PDF form on hand, you can simply create a new PDF file through the available PDF templates, which you can download directly.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2: To edit a PDF form, you can fill out the form directly if your PDF form is interactive. It will provide a Highlight Fields bar for the recognize field to fill in the texts. Moreover, there are different interactive tools and multiple settings to edit the PDF form.

Choose Interactive Tools PDFElement

Step 3: If the PDF is not editable, you can click the Form located in the main toolbar then press the More menu and choose the Recognize Form option to create an interactive form. After that, you can edit the PDF documents with the advanced features within the program.

Recognize Form PDFElement

Step 4: You can always create your PDF form. To start with, click the Form menu. Choose the check box, combo box, push button, radio button, and so on to create the PDF forms you need. Moreover, you can also insert text, images, and others to complete the PDF.

Create PDF Form PDFElement

Step 5: To edit a PDF with text, you can open a field where you can add your text. Click the Form tab then choose the Add text field from the main menu toolbar. Double click on the text field. A dialogue box will then be open and from here you can easily now start editing the texts.

Edit Text for PDF PDFElement

Step 6: For the scanned PDF, you can use the advanced OCR features to make the PDF editable. Click on the Perform OCR button located within the notification bar. You can also go to the Tool menu and choose the OCR Text Recognition in the toolbar before editing the PDF.

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Part 2: How to Edit a PDF File Online

If you just need to edit a PDF without extra software, you can use an online PDF editor instead. There are dozens of advanced programs to polish the PDF online. Sejda is one of the most popular ones you should consider. Just learn more about how to edit a PDF file with the excellent features of the program below.

Step 1: Go to Sejda with any web browser, you can edit the PDF online for free. It provides more than 30 different PDF tools to touch up the PDF files, such as editing, signing, converting, and encrypting. But you can only edit 3 files per hour in 200 pages or 50 MB.

Sejda PDF Editor Online

Step 2: Choose the desired PDF toolkit, such as the PDF Editor option from the POPULAR menu. Click the Upload PDF file button to upload the PDF files you want to edit from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, as well as the Web Address.

Upload PDF DOC Sejda

Step 3: Click the Text icon to simply put a text on your PDF file. Click the location where you wish to place the text. It enables you to adjust the fonts and colors of the text before typing the text. Moreover, it allows you to edit existing texts in the PDF without any hassle at all.

Edit PDF Text Online Sejda

Step 4: From the top screen, press the Link button. To place the link in its designated area, simply drag it over the area and enter the information you need. Copy and paste your URL to the field that says Link to external URL. Press the Apply Changes button.

Add Link to PDF Sejda

Step 5: You can add checkmarks, bullet points, single-line text fields, multi-line text fields, radio options, checkbox options, drop-down menus, and more other interactive tools to the PDF. It also enables you to add images and others to your PDF file easily.

Add Interactive Form Sejda

Step 6: Moreover, it enables you to add strike out, highlights, or underline to text. To underline, add strike out, or highlight your text, simply click and drag over the main text. Press the Apply Changes button and click the Download button to save the edited PDF.

Part 3: How to Edit a PDF via Word

Do you have to edit a PDF in Word before a conversion? No. You can simply open and edit a PDF directly with Word. But the converted document might not have a perfect page-to-page correspondence with the original PDF file. For example, lines and pages may break at different locations.

Step 1: To edit a PDF in Word, you need to import the desired PDF to the Word by clicking the Open button from the File menu. Press the Browse button to choose the PDF file. Word will convert the PDF directly into a compatible file format.

Open PDF in Word

Step 2: Just edit the texts and the detected files within Word. If it is a PDF file full of texts, you can add the desired text even if some details of the document may change. Compare with the original PDF to edit the file and add the text or make some changes.

Make Edits for PDF in Word

Step 3: Once you have edited the PDF, you can save it as a Word doc or a PDF. In the Save menu, choose which in the Save as dropdown menu and select the OK button. Choose the PDF Files option at the drop-down menu to save it in PDF format.


When you need to edit a PDF directly without conversion, here are 3 popular methods you should know. If you need to make changes, create PDF forms, and use the advanced OCR features, PDFelement should be the initial choice. Of course, there are some online PDF editors with similar functions, which is a nice choice for a few PDFs. As for PDFs with plain texts, you can also edit them in Word.

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