A Concrete Guide to Send PDF Files to Kindle Tablet

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Tina Clark

Amazon Kindle is a kind of popular e-readers. It can protect your eyes with advanced screen technology. Of course, you can download digital books from Amazon Store. On the other hand, you can also send PDFs to Kindle for reading later. Kindle supports PDF format and Microsoft Word file, and commonly used image formats. This article focuses on how to help you transfer your PDF documents to Kindle with a USB cable, email, and Send to Kindle app.

Send PDF Files to Kindle Tablet

Part 1: Send PDF to Kindle via USB

USB cable is the easiest way to upload PDFs to Kindle. Your computer can detect your e-reader as a flash drive and allows you to transfer compatible files. This way does not require an internet connection, but you have to prepare a USB cable. Plus, make sure your PDF is unencrypted.

USB Cable

Step 1: Locate the PDF file to read on Kindle within an Explorer window or Finder.

Step 2: Connect one end of the USB cable to your Kindle, and plug the other end into your computer. It should appear in your file browser. Click the Kindle drive, find the documents folder and open it.

USB Cable PC

Step 3: Copy the PDF file on your hard drive, and paste it to the documents folder. Alternatively, drag and drop it to the documents folder directly.

Step 4: Once PDF to Kindle transferring finish, disconnect your device, and turn it on. Go to the Docs app and find the PDF file.

Part 2: Transfer PDF to Kindle with Email

Similar to smartphones, every Kindle comes with its email address. You can send a PDF to Kindle through email. Moreover, this way can convert your PDF document to a size-friendly on Kindle.

Step 1: Turn on your Kindle, head to Settings -> My Account -> Send to Kindle Email, and remember the email address.

Step 2: In your browser on a computer or mobile device, access your email provider, such as Gmail, and sign in to your account.

Step 3: Create a new mail, click Compose in Gmail, and click New message in Outlook. Type the Kindle email address into the To box. If you want to drop an item to the mail, attach the PDF file by hitting the paper-clip icon. Press the Send button to add PDF to Kindle.

Step 4: Wait for a moment and turn on your Kindle. Then go to the Library section of your Kindle and read the PDF on Kindle.

Note: This way needs you to connect your Kindle to a good internet network.

Read PDF on Kindle Email

Part 3: Add PDF to Kindle Using Send to Kindle App

Email is a convenient way to transfer PDF to Kindle occasionally, but it is not an option to do it frequently. The Send to Kindle app, on the other hand, is an easier way. This application is available to PC, Mac OS X, and Android.

Step 1: Download and install the Send to Kindle app on your PC or Mac. When prompted, enter your Amazon account and password, and click the Register button.

Step 2: Next, open an Explorer window, and find the PDF file on Kindle. Right-click on it and select Send to Kindle.

Step 3: When the Send to Kindle app pops up, select the delivery option and click Send. Wait for a few minutes, connect your Kindle to a network and check if the document is delivered.

Send PDF to Kindle

Part 4: How to Edit PDF Files for Kindle

According to Amazon, Kindle can decode several file formats, like Doc, PDF, HTML, TXT, AZW, and commonly used image formats. However, it cannot change the content in your PDF document. From this point, we recommend WidsMob PDFEditor, which is the best PDF editor for Kindle. Its key features include:

  • Add text, image, comment, hyperlink, and other elements on PDF.
  • Rearrange page order, split PDF or merge PDFs.
  • Convert between PDF and other file formats supported by Kindle.
  • Signature your PDF files before reading on Kindle.
  • Optimize PDF file size for transferring to Kindle devices.
Win Download Mac Download

How to Edit PDF Files for Kindle

Step 1: Import a PDF file

Open the best PDF editor for Kindle after you installed it on your computer. Then click File -> Open to import the PDF that you wish to read on Kindle.

Create PDF File on PDFEdit

Step 2: Add page numbers to PDF

After importing, you can browse the PDF file in view mode. If you add some text or images, click the Edit menu and select Add Text or Add Image.

Add Text to PDF in PDFEdit

To edit pages in the PDF, click the Pages menu on the menu bar. Then you will get the Split PDF, Export Pages, and other tools. If you want to edit an individual page, locate it and use Rotate Page or Crop Page tool to get the desired effect.


To complete a PDF, you can also add header and footer, signature, watermark, page numbers, comments, and more.

Step 3: Export the final PDF for adding to Kindle.

Before adding PDF to Kindle, you need to save the final PDF by pressing Ctrl + S on PC or Cmd + S on Mac. Once click the Save button, the final PDF will replace the original one. If you want to keep the original document, choose another location or change the filename. Then click the Save button. Now, you can pick up your favorite way and send the PDF to Kindle quickly.

Print PDF with PDFEdit Win Download Mac Download


This guide has shared three ways to transfer a PDF to Amazon Kindle. So you can read your document at any time. First of all, the USB cableway is suitable to do it without the internet connection. If you just read PDF on Kindle occasionally, email is a good option. To do it frequently, Send to Kindle app is available. You may want to edit your PDF before transferring it to Kindle. That is why we shared WidsMob PDFEditor. We hope that our guide is helpful to you.