Insert PDF into Google Doc/Google Slides, Here is the Concrete Guide

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When you need to add some references to Google Docs, is it possible to insert PDFs into Google Docs or Google Slides? Yes, of course. Due to the simplicity of use, security, and layout of PDF files, the file format has grown in popularity and is now utilized as online documents, alongside Google docs, among other places. Nonetheless, you might encounter some difficulties integrating PDFs into Google Docs or Google Slide. So, how can you insert the desired files into Google Docs or Slides? Just learn more about the best methods from the article now.

Insert PDF into Google Doc

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to Google Slides

Whether you need to convert PDF files to Google Slides, Google Docs, PowerPoint slideshow, and more other files, PDFelement is the all-in-one PDF converter that turns PDF into different files, including presentations, spreadsheets, and words. Moreover, you can also edit the PDF files, add annotations, and apply the batch process with ease.

1. Convert PDF files to Google Slides, presentations, and more file formats.

2. Provide the editing features to add texts, annotations, comments, etc.

3. Perform an advanced OCR algorithm to extract the content from the PDF.

4. Manage PDF pages, merge PDF, compress large files, redact, and more.

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Step 1. Launch PDFElement on your computer after installation. Click the Open files button or directly choose the desired PDF file from the Recent Files section of the user interface. Moreover, you can simply open your file by dragging and dropping it into this window.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2. To convert PDF to Google Slides, you can choose the slideshow files of PowerPoint. Just click the Convert option and select the To PPT button from the drop-down menu. It also offers a wide range of editing options to polish and edit the PDF files beforehand.

PDF to Presentation PDFElement

Step 3. Once you have converted the PDF files, you can open Google Slides in your browser and then click the Open file picker button to upload the converted PDF file as a new presentation. Select the Upload button to import the file from your computer.

PDF to Slides PDFElement

Step 4. A new window opens allowing you to browse the file. To import a file from your device, pick the Upload option. Then you may utilize the converted PDF file's content in any slide you like. Moreover, you can also convert PDFs to pictures that you can insert into Google Slides.

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Part 2: How to Insert PDF into Google Doc

Method 1: How to Upload PDF to Google Drive Directly

To insert PDF to Google Drive, you can extract and embed a link to the file into your document. It is a good choice to include hyperlinks or icons that assist in keeping your document appearing neat and clean.

Step 1. Once you have logged in to the Google account on your browser. Select the File Upload button at the upper left of the Google Drive app.

Google Drive Upload

Step 2. Check the file displayed in the My Drive option or the Recent option, navigate and pick the file and click the Upload button.

Step 3. Select the Get Link option with the right-click. To copy the URL to your clipboard, click the Copy Link button before clicking the Done button.

Google Drive PDF Uploaded

Method 2: How to Insert PDF into Google Docs as a Link

After uploading your PDF files into Google Drive, you can then insert your PDF file into Google Doc in a simple manner. Here you can just follow the following steps to embed the desired files.

Step 1. Navigate to the location in your Google Doc where you want the PDF link to appear. Select the Edit button and choose the Paste option from the menu bar, or right-click to select the Paste option.

Paste PDF to Google Drive

Step 2. When the link appears in your document, you will have the option of replacing it with an icon displaying the PDF's name. To access the icon, either hit the Tab key or click on it in the little pop-up window.

PDF to Insert

Step 3. This option provides a quick and simple method of accessing the PDF. To display the chip, either click or simply hover your mouse over the icon. In a new browser tab, click the link in the chip to open the PDF.

Step 4. Alternatively, you may leave the URL in your paper. Paste the link as instructed above into the document, and then click the Enter button, which will create a link from the static text.

Method 3: How to Insert PDF into Google Docs as Image

Perhaps you'd prefer to incorporate the PDF in your Google Docs than offer a link to it. Because you cannot directly put a PDF into a Google Doc, you must convert the PDF to an image and then insert the image instead.

Step 1. To convert PDF to JPG or PNG, visit CloudConvert online and choose the PDF to JPG or PDF to PNG converter. Select the File button to browse for and upload the PDF file.

PDF to JPG Converter

Step 2. After you've uploaded your files, click the Convert button. Once the procedure is complete, click the Get option to download the file. Just preview the converted PDF beforehand.

Step 3. Position your cursor in your document where you want the picture to appear. Under the Insert option, click the Image option and choose either Upload From Computer or Upload From Drive to insert the PDF.

Insert Image to Google Docs

Step 4. Select the photos and they will show sequentially in your Google Doc. After that, you can resize, edit, format, or lock the photos. You can also alter the photos to the surrounding text as desired.

Part 3: FAQs about How to Insert PDF into Google Docs

1Can a file of size 100 MB be uploaded to Google Drive?
Yes, you can insert a PDF file of 100 MB size in Google Drive but only files under 100 MB in size can be checked for malware. When scanning bigger files, a warning message is presented informing the user that the file cannot be scanned.
2How do I make a Google Docs 4 x 6?
It is an essential step to choose a paper size to your requirement and adjust the margins such that the final product is roughly 4 x 6. You might also try the Page Sizer add-on for Google Docs from the Get add-ons option. Just search and install the extension by name.
3How do you make a whole page on Google Docs?
Once you have added your PDF files to Google Docs, navigate to the toolbar and click the 100% option. Choose the size of your text or input a value between 50 and 200. To make the page as wide as the browser window in Google Docs, click the Fit button.


Oftentimes, improvised solutions are the only options accessible in areas with productivity gaps, such as those found in third-party applications. If your productivity has been harmed as a result of this gap, be sure to attempt the mentioned methods to insert PDFs into Google Docs or Google Slides from the article. If you want a professional experience, go with PDFelement to solve your problem.

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