Download Photo Wonder and Best Alternatives

Last Updated on October 1, 2023 by Peter Wood

What if the taken photos are dissatisfying, even though you have tried your best to edit with? Or it is a pity that the travel pictures do not contained the photo effects you tend to add? No matter how good your photo shooting skill is, it is unavoidable that, there will be some pictures failed, or do not express perfect enough. Using Adobe Photoshop is good but too professional in some degree, considering most users are amateurs of photographs. And layers and various filters are hard to distinguish actually. Therefore, it is time for Photo Wonder appears, to benefit both iPhone and Android users from endless photo modifying.

Photo Wonder and Best Alternatives

Part 1: Main Features of Photo Wonder APP

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With over 100 million installations in 218 countries, Photo Wonder is the fashionable represent of customizable images. Moreover, it has been one of the top five photo editors in App Store among 20 countries and regions. So why does the photo editor attracts so many customers? What can Photo Wonder do? It offers the magic power on photos, just like the wand of Harry Potter’s.

To start with, I want to show you how many functions the photo beautifier offers. You can manage pictures with a filter camera, editing tools, beautification, photo effects, decorations, collages, and frames. And each of them has various bunches to beautify your selfies and photographs in high quality.

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What can Photo Wonder do

  • There is a built-in filter camera for you to take artistic photos with real-time effects.
  • Photo editing tools to crop, rotate, tone, and do other basic photo editing jobs.
  • Use beautification filters to whiten, polish, remove acne, eyes enlargements, slimming, etc.
  • Get cool effects from the Photo Wonder app, with the collection of beautiful and practical photo effects offered, such as soft light, LOMO, blue tone, and more.
  • Offer stickers and decorations. There are all kinds of accessories and materials to edit pictures with personalizing photo effects.
  • Collage images to create your photo walls. You can use template collages, free collages, and photo collages with lots of background photos.
  • Get numerous photo frames to add or design borders according to your preferences.

Well, you can see that there are so many different types of filters and effects for you to apply. Some are free. But the excellent filters need you to purchase to unlock for further usage.

Part 2: How to Use Photo Wonder to Beautify Pictures

There is a newly designed interface for you to locate a specific part quickly. But useful for users to apply with, and the photo effect is water reflection. It is the tool to help people add reflects on the lake, pool, and any water surface to transform your image to look like an oil painting.

Another highly recommends filter in Photo Wonder is the Makeup tool. Yes, even though you get up to take a photo without face washing, you can still be as charming as the model, even though your PS skills are not qualified enough. There are hundreds of well-designed templates, filters, backgrounds, stickers, and photo effects for you to deal with photo editing.

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Edit Photos with Offered Image Filters

Step 1: Import the picture from a photo gallery.

Step 2: Use numerous filters to edit.

You can manage numerous photo-editing filters within the Photo Wonder app. And you want to achieve a specific part of the photo effects, go back to part 1 to get an accurate operating guide.

Step 3: Share to a social platform or to keep into the local storage.

There should be direct options for you to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Imagine that you only need to cost few dollars, and then all your selfies will be good-looking than others’. No professional filters and layers need to prepare. You click on several options to adjust to the perfect level you like. All in all, Photo Wonder is just the magic photo editor. Once you download and install it on iPhone or Android, you will enter the new world, with charming portraits all around you. Once you stretch your hand, you can reach the wand from Photo Wonder. That’s all for today’s photo editor app introduction. If you have anything problem to figure out, feel free to contact us.

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Part 3: Best Photo Wonder Alternative on Windows and Mac

WidsMob Portrait Pro is the best Photo Wonder alternative and a professional photo beautifier that redefines portrait touch up. You can remove the wrinkles, adjust the skin color, remove blemish and get rid of the pouch. It has makeup control over all the aspects of a portrait image to make a perfect selfie or portrait image.

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1. Detect all the portraits in one image and touch up each portrait face in different solutions.

2. Support both the JPEG format of the smartphone and various RAW files of DLSR cameras.

3. Full makeup controls over face, eye, cheek, nose, teeth, shine, skin, and more makeup parts.

4. Custom presets to member all the parameters, which can apply to portraits with the same touchup effects.

How to beautify your portrait photos with WidsMob Portrait Pro

Step 1. Free download and install WidsMob Portrait Pro on your PC or Mac computer. Then launch this photo portrait editor. Choose the Select Photos or Select Folder icon to import your pictures. Well, it is also supported to drag and drop photos from the desktop to the main interface.

Import Portrait Photos in WidsMobPortrait Pro

Step 2. You can easily beautify your pictures by using the Preset option. Just choose the effect you want to apply. With only one click, the photo effect will apply to your portrait.

Retouch Portrait Photo with Preset WidsMob Portrait Pro

If you want to do the detailed beautifying, you can go to the Edit section. In the Edit section, you can adjust the portrait face skin with the Smoothing, Change Skin Tone and Brighten Skin tools. And you can do further portrait enhancement of portrait by removing blemish, brightening eyes, deepening smiles, lifting cheeks, slimming face, enlarging eyes, enhancing the nose, whitening teeth, etc.

Retouch Portrait Photo with WidsMob Portrait Pro

For portrait makeup, you can add blush to the faces, add lipstick to the lips, change the eye color and add colored contacts, eyelashes, eyeliners, and eye shadows to the eyes. With just a few clicks, you can get the shine and natural portrait photo.

Portrait Makeup with WidsMob Portrait Pro

Step 3. After everything is ok, click the Export option to export your artwork. You will get a popping-up window. Set the output image format and adjust the photo quality from the least to the best freely. At last, click Start to save the retouched portrait photo.

Export Retouched Portrait Photo with WidsMob Portrait Pro Win Download Mac Download


If you are the people who love to take selfies, or photos of portraits, then you should not miss Photo Wonder. It has the magic power to add charm to you in a silent way. The free part of this photo editor version is good enough to cover most photo editing tasks. You'd better buy a service from it; the average price is $1.99. Not quite expensive to own photo effects or templates.