How to Convert a PDF to a JPG/JPEG – 4 Suitable Methods for Your Reference

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When you want to convert PDF to JPEG/JPG or other photo formats, what are the best PDF to JPG converters with ease? Whether you need to turn multiple PDF files into pictures in a batch process, you make a PDF into a JPEG with ease. You can learn more about the 4 efficient methods from the article. Just choose the desired one according to your requirement.

How to Convert a PDF to a JPG

Part 1. How to Convert PDF to JPG in High Quality on Win/Mac

Method 1: The Professional Method to turn PDF to JPG

WidsMob ConvertPDF is a versatile PDF to JPEG converter to let you convert PDF files to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EMF, and more other formats. Moreover, you can also extract the images from PDF files, unlock and remove the password, or make the PDF files within a batch process.

  • Convert PDF to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and EMF with the original photo quality.
  • Extract the pictures within the PDF file to JPEG, PNG, and other photos.
  • Make multiple PDFs into pictures within a batch process at a fast speed.
  • Remove the protection and security algorithm to convert the PDF files.
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Step 1: Download and install PDF to JPEG converter, launch the program, and choose the PDF to Image option. Click the Add Files option to select the desired PDF files. Once you have imported the file, you can click the Open button to import multiple files.

Choose PDF to Image

Step 2: Go to the Settings menu on the toolbar. Then it will popup an Options window and head to the Images section to convert all pages to images or extract all images from PDF files. After that, you can click the OK button to save your changes.

Choose the Mode on ConvertPDF

Step 3: Moreover, you can also apply the OCR performance, merge the files, or even remove the protection. Click the Browse option to change a new destination folder. Then you can click the Convert button in the lower right corner to convert PDF to JPEG in batch.

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Method 2: How to turn PDF to JPG with Adobe Acrobat for Mac

Adobe Acrobat is an integrated PDF productivity solution. It creates, signs, edits, converts, and exports PDFs on your MacBook. It only enables you to export the PDF files as JPEG, which you have to select the pictures from the PDF files instead.

Step 1: Open Adobe Acrobat on your Mac computer. Import a PDF you want to convert to image format. Then choose the Tools menu on the top toolbar. Select the Export PDF option from its list.

Step 2: Choose the Image option to find the supported formats, including JPEG, JPEG-2000, TIFF, and PNG. Select a specific file format and tick the small box before the Export all images option.

Step 3: Click the Settings gear icon next to customize the conversion settings. You can specify File Settings, Color Management, Conversion, and more others for the output picture.

Note: It enables you to set the file size from the Exclude images Smaller Than option in the Extraction settings.

Step 4: Click the Export button and set the output folder. Finally, click the Save button to convert PDF to PNG on Mac via Adobe Acrobat, including other formats.

Convert PDF to Image Adobe

Part 2. How to Convert PDF to JPG/JPEG/Picture Free of Charge

Method 3: How to Make A PDF into JPG/JPEG with Preview on Mac

Preview is the default PDF viewer on your Mac with the basic PDF to JPEG conversion features. Of course, you can markup editing to exporting a previewed file to other image formats. But it only enables you to convert one PDF into a picture at a time.

Step 1: Open the PDF file with the default PDF viewer on your Mac. Select the PDF page you want to convert to JPG. Go to the File menu and choose the Export option.

Step 2: When there is a popup dialogue, you can choose the JPEG option under the Format menu. Moreover, it enables you to set up the desired file quality and resolution.

Step 3: After that, you can also choose the destination folder you want to save your JPEG file and set your filename. Click the Save button to make a PDF page into JPEG.

Convert PDF to JPG with Preview

Method 4: How to Convert PDF to JPG via

If the desired PDF file is small in size or does not mind the output image quality, you can choose as the online PDF to JPEG converter. It is a free web-based online service that converts PDF to images without installing extra programs.

Step 1: When you go to the online converter, you can choose the output image format in the field of the Choose Image Format option. Press the Choose File option and select the PDF file you want to convert.

Step 2: By setting the value in the Quality field, you can select the desired quality of the output document, such as 150 - Medium. It also enables you to choose the Image Color option.

Step 3: The PDF to JPEG conversion takes a few seconds. After that, you can save the output image (or images) to your computer or device. Then you get the archive with output images in a set.

Part 3. FAQs about Converting PDF to JPG

1Is the Online PDF to JPEG Converter A Nice Option?
You might need to demonstrate your works or files in the process of daily work. It should be a simple method if the PDF files with several pages. As for some large PDF files, it’s necessary to turn the PDF to jpg formats via professional tools to process a batch conversion.
2What Can You Do If The Converted Image is Obscure?
You can open the PDF file via some professional PDF editor. When you are to save the file, click the Save as a button, select the JPEG format and select the maximum quality from the list shown.


Here are the 4 efficient methods to convert PDF to JPG. Just read this article and select your most desired one to conduct. When you need to convert PDF to JPEG in batch, extract the pictures from PDF, and even save the PDF files in different photo formats, WidsMob ConvertPDF should always be the initial choice.

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