PDF Optimizer of Adobe Acrobat and Alternatives to Reduce the Size of PDF with Original Quality

Last Updated on November 13, 2022 by Tina Clark

Is there a way to optimize a PDF without sacrificing the quality? Yes, the PDF Optimizer feature of Adobe Acrobat is one of the best choices. It not only provides the basic ways to reduce the PDF size but also enables you to adjust the image settings, gray-scale images, monochrome images, etc. When you need to find programs with a similar feature as the PDF Optimizer of Adobe Acrobat, here are the 5 best alternatives you should know.

PDF Optimizer

Part 1: What is the PDF Optimizer of Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat provides the PDF Optimizer option, which you to reduce the PDF file size, enable a fast web view, and control image and font options. It provides 4 different options to optimize PDFs, Reduce File Size, Advanced Optimization, Optimize Scanned Pages, and Preflight. Besides, you can check for the desired elements that take up the most space in your PDF file. Just check the features for the 4 different options.

Reduce File Size of PDF Optimizer

It provides 2 different options to optimize the PDFs, Reduce Single file and Reduce Multiple file. When you need to reduce the PDF file size, you can simply choose the option and optimize the PDF automatically, which reduces the whole PDF within one click.

Reduce File Size PDF Optimizer

Advanced Optimization of PDF Optimizer

When you need to optimize the different elements from a PDF file, including the images, fonts, transparency, discard objects, discard user data, and even clean up. If you need to use the optimized PDF for a mobile, you can select the Mobile option from the drop-down list from Settings.

Replace and Delete Image Adobe

Optimize Scanned Pages of PDF Optimizer

Different from the above options, you can enhance the scanned PDF pages, apply adaptive compression, add special filters, and recognize the text with OCR options. The PDF Optimizer includes the OCR features for document languages and searchable images.

Optimize Scanned Page Adobe

Preflight of PDF Optimizer

Preflight of PDF Optimizer analyzes the contents of a PDF to determine its validity for print production and a variety of other conditions. It identifies issues with colors, fonts, transparency, image resolution, ink coverage, PDF version compatibility, and more.

Preflight PDF Optimizer

Part 2: 5 Best PDF Optimizer as Adobe Acrobat Alternative

What should be the best methods to resize PDFs, perform OCR algorithms, discard elements, and more? Learn more about the 5 best Adobe PDF Optimizers alternatives with their unique and effective features.


Whether you need to reduce the PDF file size, apply OCR algorithms, or even manage multiple PDF elements, PDFelement is a versatile PDF Optimizer of Adobe alternative to edit, convert, sign PDFs, and others across desktop, mobile and web. It also provides different layers with elements to manage PDF documents easily.


Shrink the PDF size, compress large files, and remove multiple elements.

Manipulate the different layers for pages of PDF and control content easily.

Reduce PDFs by removing unnecessary images, objects, links, and more.


Do not work with embedding videos with PDFs to reduce the file size.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program on your computer. Just go to the Tool menu and choose the Compress option to reduce PDF file sizes at different levels.

Compress PDF in Different Levels PDFElement

Step 2: When you need to resize PDFs in batch, go to the Compress button from select the Low option from the Compress Option button. After that, you can click the Apply button to optimize PDF.

Compress in Batch PDFElement

Step 3: To remove the unwanted elements, you can click the Edit button and choose the Line Mode option or the Paragraph Mode option from the Edit Mode button to locate the elements you want to remove.

Edit Element in PDF PDFElement

Step 4: After that, you can right-click the image or video, and you can choose the Replace Image button to change to another small file. Moreover, you can click the Delete button to remove the large file from the PDF.

Replace and Delete Image Adobe Win Download Mac Download

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is one of the most powerful and feature-rich PDF editors that allow you to edit, convert, reduce, and create PDF files on different devices. It has a powerful set of PDF compressors and PDF optimizers to shrink large PDF files significantly. Moreover, you can apply the PDF files via compression and downsampling to reduce the size.


Optimize the PDFs to the smallest size and provide parameters to adjust.

Remove bookmarks, file attachments, interactive content, links, and more.

Shrink the image size in PDF with compression and downsampling options.


The edited fields tend to overlap when you replace the original files in PDF.

Step 1: Once you have imported the PDF into the program, you can click the File button and choose the Print option. After that, click the Properties button and select Web-ready Conversion Quality.

Web Quality Optimize PDF NitroPDF

Step 2: Similar to the PDF Optimizer of Adobe, you can click the File menu and choose the Optimize PDF button. In the Optimize PDF dialog, select the Reduced size option to choose the objects to remove.

Reduce Resample Size NitroPDF

Small PDF

When you need to reduce the PDF size online, SmallPDF is one of the best PDF optimizers. It enables you to reduce your scanned PDF files to 144DPI, which is perfect for uploading files to the web and through email. It enables you to access your Windows app, macOS app, Google Chrome Extension, G-Suite app, and Dropbox app.


Compress and shrink the size of your PDF without losing its original quality.

Reduce the PDFs to maintain both file format and quality without registration.

Remove single or multiple pages to discard pages from your PDF document.


Do not have the features to detect and remove unwanted files from a PDF.

Step 1: Go to the official website and choose the Compress PDF button. It enables you to reduce the size online and choose the CHOOSE FILES button or drag-and-drop the PDF files.

Step 2: Choose the Basic compression option or the Strong compression option, which reduces the size of the PDF. It will automatically start converting your files into smaller PDFs.

SmallPDF Compress PDF


LightPDF is one of the most reliable, and efficient PDF optimizers to reduce the size of PDF documents. It has no limitation on the time you use it and the amount of upload. If you have some simple PDF files, you can use the user-friendly PDF editor to reduce the file size or change the different files within the PDF easily.


Compress large PDF files on Windows, Mac, and even on mobile devices.

Change PDF text, images, and links to another font or smaller size easily.

Work on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac to shrink the size of the PDFs.


Do not provide the features to extract metadata from a PDF file directly.

Step 1: Go to LightPDF with any web browser, you can start uploading the files you wish to convert to PDF format. Start uploading your files by clicking the Upload button to start the conversion process.

Step 2: Once you have done, you can locate the desired PDF files in the My Document folder. When you get the optimized PDF, you can start sharing or editing your PDF files at once.

LightPDF Reduce PDF


PDF2GO is one of the best PDF optimizers that can easily handle different PDFs. It can also compress a large file into a single file without compromising the original quality. There are different compression levels, such as basic and strong. Moreover, it can merge, edit, convert, and compress PDF files to and from different formats.


Provide compression presets and compression way for all pages in grayscale.

Cut out the desired PDF pages, split PDF files, and more to optimize the PDF.

Optimize PDF for the web with basic compression and strong compression.


Need an Internet connection to optimize and reduce the PDF pages online.

Step 1: Head to PDF2GO and choose the Compress PDF option to optimize the PDF files. After that, you can click the Choose File button to upload the desired PDF you want to reduce.

Step 2: Select a compression method, including basic, strong, and preset. It can optimize the PDFs if you can compress PDFs into grayscale. Just click the Start button once you are done.

Compress PDF PDF2Go Win Download Mac Download


Reducing the PDF file size should not be hard with the PDF Optimizer of Adobe. It not only helps you reduce the size of your PDF files but also remove other files by retaining the original quality as well. When you need to find some PDF Optimizer alternatives, you can freely choose from PDFelement, Nitro Pro, Small PDF, LightPDF, and PDF2GO.