2 Efficient Ways to Convert DJVU to PDF with Text

Last Updated on June 20, 2022 by Tina Clark

Before converting DJVU to PDF, what are the differences between the two file formats? Compared to PDF, DJVU is a text-based file format with the addition of graphical visuals. DJVU, in contrast to PDF, lets you examine photographs, drawings, and sketches. Since the DJVU format is perfect for those who work in the arts and regularly need to transmit graphical visuals in conjunction with written information. But is not as extensively used as other file formats, you cannot open DJVU on any smartphone. What should you do to convert DJVU to PDF? Here you can discover the best 2 ways from the article.

Convert DJVU to PDF

Part 1: How to Convert DJVU to PDF Online

Online Converter Free is a free online DJVU to PDF converter to extract the desired files from DJVU as PDF. Because the DJVU provides much stronger compression without sacrificing quality, you can still use the online converter to extract the desired files with the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Online Converter Free on your web browser and select the CHOOSE FILE option. Moreover, you can also drag-n-drop the DJVU file into the online DJVU to PDF converter.

Step 2: Select the DJVU file you need to convert from the drop-down menu. PDF format is utilized when dealing with such a problem. Then, when you've chosen your file format, click on the Convert button.

Step 3: Once the conversion has been completed, you can download the PDF file by clicking the DOWNLOAD ALL IN ZIP icon or choosing the Download button to get the desired PDF files.

Convert DJVU to PDF Online

Part 2: The Professional Method to Convert DJVU to PDF

Since the online DJVU to PDF converter only provides the basic conversion features, when you need to choose more advanced features, AVS Document Converter is the versatile method to convert DJVU to Word, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, Text, FB2, PDF, and a slew of more. Moreover, you can also merge the multiple DJVU files, insert a watermark text to output PDF, and extract the images from the PDF files.

Step 1: Once you have installed AVS Document Converter, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can simply drag and drop your files into the program that you want to convert.

Step 2: Specify the output format for the document. In this particular instance, choose the To PDF option. To extract the images from the DJVU files, you can click the Extract Images button to get the photos.

Step 3: Afterwards, save the PDF to a convenient location on your computer. Click the Convert Now button when you're ready to begin the conversion and save the output file to the spot you've designated on your computer.

Choose to PDF Option AVS Document Converter

Part 3: Best PDF Editor to Polish DJVU Converted PDF

What should do you if you cannot get some important texts after converting DJVU to PDF? Is there a method to add and polish the converted PDF files? PDFelement is a versatile method to create, edit, convert, and sign PDF documents. You can simply add the lost text, images, and even add shapes to the converted DJVU converted PDF. Moreover, you can also perform the OCR technology to extract the text from the PDF

1. Add texts, images, and shapes to the DJVU converted PDF files.

2. Arrange the scanned DJVU, such as merge, split, delete, and more.

3. Provide additional features to react the PDF and sign the PDF docs.

4. Highlight, underline, comment, shapes, draw, eraser, and stamp.

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Step 1: To edit the DJVU converted PDF, you can choose the Open option to navigate to its location on your computer. Just load the PDF file by dragging and dropping the PDF. You will be given with thumbnails, which you can use to go to the page that you desire to edit and make changes.

Open DJVU Converted PDF PDFElement

Step 2: Pick Text from the drop-down menu, and then double-click to select the text whose font size you want to change. Select the Font Size option from the drop-down menu at the top of the window. Choose a font size that you are comfortable with.

Add Text to PDF PDFElement

Step 3: To begin adding text to the document, select the Add Content icon from within the Text feature and then type your text. Select all of the text without navigating away from the text box, then browse to the text panel at the top of the screen and alter the text size in Adobe PDF format.

Add More Text to DJVU PDFElement

Step 4: If you want to change the font size of any field in a fillable PDF form, browse to the Form tab and double-click the text content you want to change. On the right side of the screen, select APPEARANCE from the dropdown menu to change the font size in DJVU converted PDF documents.

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When you need to convert DJVU to PDF, the online converter is a simple method to get the desired PDF file. Of course, you can also AVS Document Converter to manage the DJVU files before conversion. What should you do if you cannot get all the texts or images, PDFelement enables you to add texts and images to make up for the lost content easily.