PDF to JPG Converter Mac – How to Convert PDF to JPEG/JPG on Mac

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When you need to share some PDF files to social media sites, like Instagram or Twitter, you have to convert PDF to JPEG/JPG on a MacBook. There is a major difference between PDF and image. There are multiple pages for one PDF file and one page for a JPG image. Whether you need to convert a multi-page PDF to the JPG format or simply change a single page to an image, you can find the best ways from the article.

Convert PDF to JPEG/JPG on Mac

Part 1: The Ultimate Method to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

If you need a versatile PDF to JPG converter, PDFelement is no doubt the optimal choice to get the desired images with the original quality. It enables you to extract multiple images into one PDF, combine PDFs or images into a single file, convert the PDF in a batch process, and even edit the PDF with advanced features. Moreover, there are multiple managing features, such as merging, splitting, cropping, and more.

1. Convert a multiple-page PDF or single-page PDF to JPEGs in clicks.

2. Provide advanced managing features to combine, split, and crop PDFs.

3. Add footer, header, watermark, annotation, and more before conversion.

4. Extract the texts and images from the PDF for editing the image files.

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How to Save PDF to JPG on Mac

Step 1: Download and install PDFelement on your MacBook, launch it and click the Open files button to import the PDF you want to convert. You can also drag and drop multiple PDF files directly for a batch conversion as your requirement.

Open PDF for iBooks PDFElement

Step 2: Go to the File menu and choose the Export To option. From the drop-down list, you can choose the JPEG (.jpg) option from the Image option. After that, the program will convert PDF to JPEG/JPEGs on your Mac according to the pages of the PDF file.

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How to Convert PDF to JPG in Batch

Step 1: To convert multiple PDFs to JPG in a batch process, you can click the Tool button and choose the Batch Process option. Go to the PDF Converter window, you can add your PDFs, and select the JPEG option from the To Image list located in the Format section.

Convert PDF to JPG Batch PDFElement

Step 2: It enables you to customize the conversion settings once you have done formatting the output document. Once you have set up the desired PDF to JPG conversion parameters, you can click the Apply button before saving the PDFs to JPEG.

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How to Convert PDF to a Single PDF on Mac

Step 1: Once you have imported the desired PDFs to the latest PDFelement, you can click the Convert PDF button from the top menu. It directs you to the PDF Converter window, where you can click the Open button to import the desired PDF files within the program.

PDF Converter Tool PDFElement

Step 2: Whether you need to combine multiple PDFs into one image, or convert a multi-page PDF to an image, you can choose the All Pages into a Single Image button. Select the output file format as JPEG before clicking the Convert button.

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Part 2: How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac with Preview

Preview is the default and most frequently used PDF to JPG converter for Mac. It has an amazing and easy-to-use interface that does not require any downloads. But it does not support exporting all or multiple PDF pages as several individual images.

Step 1: Go to Finder on your Mac and open the folder where your PDF files are saved. Right-click the PDF file to click the Open With option. Choose the Preview option located in the menu. Choose the desired PDF page you wish to convert to JPG on Mac.

Step 2: Choose the File menu and choose the Export option from the menu bar. From the Preview’s export window, click the Export As button then type the name for your converted JPG file. Choose a folder in which to save the desired output.

Step 3: Click the Format button from the drop-down menu then select JPEG. You can drag the Quality slider to the left to lower the image’s resolution or drag it to the right to increase its quality. Moreover, you can choose the desired resolution.

Step 4: From the export window, you can click the Save button. It will do its task of converting the PDF pages to a single JPG. You can see the result of your JPG file in your specified folder. After that, you can share the JPEG with others accordingly.

Preview Convert PDF to JPG

Part 3: How to Convert PDF to JPG Online on Mac

Just as the name of the PDF to JPG converter, PDF2JPG is another optimal choice to convert PDF to JPG on Mac. It does not have any limitations for the PDF pages, but you should make sure the files are within 25MB. There are 3 different JPG qualities you can choose for conversion.

Step 1: Go to PDF2JPG.net with any web browser on your MacBook. To upload the PDF file you want to convert online, you can click the Choose a PDF file option. Make sure the PDF file should not exceed 25MB to get an output photo in high quality.

Step 2: Select a JPG quality from the 3 different options for different situations, including Average –75dpi – For regular PDF, Good – 150dpi – For PDF with illustrations, and Excellent – 300dpi – Rich illustrations, high quality JPG. The Good option is the optimal choice for most PDFs.

Step 3: When you need to convert PDF to JPG/JPEG on Mac with optimal quality, you can click the Convert PDF to JPG button to get the desired file. After that, you can download the ZIP files for the output JPG files to your MacBook without extra software.

Convert PDF to JPG Online


There are different methods you can choose from that can help you convert PDF to JPG on Mac. You can opt for an online converter as well as through Preview which is a program already installed on Mac. But if you prefer to rely on professional software to convert PDF to JPG for different scenarios, you learn how to convert PDF to JPG on Mac with PDFelement.

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