3 Easy Methods to Save an Email as PDF File Format [Concrete Guide]

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Whether you need to add an Email to your presentation or save the email for further reading, saving an Email as PDF is the initial choice. Once you have already located the desired Email, you only need to choose the Adobe PDF option from Print. But it is difficult to save multiple Emails as PDFs or MSG files from others with the method. What should be the best alternative to get the desired PDF or even add some annotations? Here are the best methods you should know from the article.

Save an Email as PDF File

Part 1: How to Save Email to PDF with Outlook

Just as mentioned above, saving Email to PDF is the built-in feature of all mail servers. You should find the positions for the Print option of the Email servers are different from each other. Just press Ctrl + P keys or Command + P keys to save the Email as PDF directly.

Step 1: Open the desired message you wish to convert to PDF from Outlook. Press the File menu and choose the Print option, which you can go to a print window for the message.

Locate Email Message

Step 2: Click the drop-down menu under the Printer section and then choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option. After that, you can click the Print option to save an Email as a PDF.

Save Microsoft as PDF

Step 3: Browse the folder for the location to save the PDF file. You can find it in the Save Print Output As dialog box. After that, you can change the name of the file before clicking the Save button.

Save Email as PDF Microsoft

Part 2: How to Convert Email MSG to PDF

When you need to save a large number of Emails to PDF, or even add some important annotations to the PDF for your presentation, PDFelement is the ideal bridge that connects the gap among professionals who wish to convert documents such as Email MSG to PDF. Moreover, it enables you to recognize the texts from the PDF with an OCR algorithm and add interactive elements to the PDF according to your requirements.

1. Convert messages and images from Email MSG to PDF in a batch process.

2. Create, annotate, edit, create, and convert MSG emails to shareable PDFs.

3. Recognize the texts from the Email MSG in different languages easily.

4. Support encryption technology for added security on highly sensitive files.

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Method 1: How to Create PDF from Email MSG

Step 1: Save the desired messages in the MSF file on your computer. After that, you can launch PDFelement on your computer and click the Create PDF button from the main interface. Browse and choose the desired MSF files you wish to open.

Create PDF PDFElement

Step 2: Whether you need to add annotations to mark up the messages, or further edit the texts, you can simply click the Edit button to polish the PDF files directly. Moreover, you can also merge the multiple MSG files into one PDF file.

Combine PDF into One PDFElement

Step 3: You can preview the Email MSG in PDF. Go to the File menu and click the Save As button to save an Email as a PDF. After that, you can get the desired editable and searchable PDF in the destination folder or even share it with others.

Save Image to PDF PDFElement

Note: When you need to add the Email attachments, you can also convert them into another PDF page and combine them as one PDF before sharing it with others.

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Method 2: How to Print Email as PDF via Multiple Settings

Step 1: If you have already installed PDFelement, you only need to open the Outlook email you wish to print as a PDF. Click the Print button from the File menu. From the Print dialog box, you can simply choose the Wondershare PDFelement as the Printer option.

Choose PDFElement Printer

Step 2: Adjust the different parameters, such as the print settings, print option, print content, print modes, and more others. Moreover, you can also turn the PDF into a grayscale one. After that, you can click the Print button to get the desired settings accordingly.

Adjust Print Settings PDFElement

Step 3: The Outlook email will be printed to PDF and it will automatically open in the PDFelement. To save the printed PDF, you can simply click the Save as button from the File menu within PDFelement, which also enables you to combine and convert emails and attachments.

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Part 3: FAQs on How to Save an Email as PDF

1Which should I choose, convert Email to PDF or Print Email to PDF?
In depends. If you just need to save an Email as a PDF without further editing, you can choose the Print feature to save the emails to PDF. But when you need to further edit the messages, combine multiple MSG files, or even add annotations, converting Email to PDF is a nice option.
2Is it possible to save Email attachments to PDF via Print?
Yes. Just as the method mentioned above, you can also use the Print feature, such as Microsoft Print to PDF to save images and texts to another PDF file. But you have to use another PDF combiner to merge them into a large PDF file afterward.
3How to convert emails to PDF via an iOS device?
Open the desired emails you want to convert, tap the Print button and a screen will appear with the email pages thumbnails. Pinch outwards the thumbnail image of the first page of your email. Press the Share button and select the app you want to save.


Saving emails to PDFs is an effective way to use them in a presentation, save them for further reading, or print the email with attachments. You can choose the Print feature of Outlook or use the advanced features of PDFelemet for a more professional and secure result.

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