Convert PDF to Kindle Format – Here are 5 Methods to Read PDF Doc on Kindle

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Since some eBooks are in PDF file format, is it possible to read a PDF file on your Kindle directly? Yes, Amazon Kindle does support PDF format. Why do you convert PDF to Kindle formats? When you need to browse PDFs on a Kindle, you must adjust the document's size to ensure that it fits properly on the screen, which is not always the best option.

To make it easy to read the PDF files on Amazon Kindle, in the case of large PDFs, you should convert PDF to Kindle formats beforehand. You'll learn how to read your favorite PDF eBooks on this popular device once you have completed reading the four best ways in this article.

Convert PDF to Kindle Format

Part 1: The Easy Method to Convert PDF to Kindle Format

PDFElement is the versatile method to convert PDF to Kindle formats, which comes with a host of impressive converting options. It not only converts PDF to EPUB and other file formats, or vice versa without compromising the layout or quality of the original file but also enables you to edit and polish the PDF files before conversion.

1. Convert PDF to Kindle compatible ePub, TXT, PNG, and more formats.

2. Provide a batch process to convert multiple PDF files at the same time.

3. Keep the original file formatting and quality when converting PDF files.

4. Advanced editing features to polish and edit the PDF within a few clicks.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement on your computer, you can double click the PDF to Kindle converter located on your desktop. To convert a PDF into the compatible file formats compatible with Kindle, select the Open files from the drop-down menu.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2: Select the Convert tab from the drop-down menu. To begin the conversion process, select either the To Text button or the To Epub button on the toolbar. It allows you to make changes to PDF before converting PDF to Kindle format, if that is what you need.

Convert PDF to Kindle PDFElement

Step 3: Choose the destination folder for the output files. Here is a list of the Kindle-compatible files that have been stored for your convenience once you click the Save button. After that, you can transfer the converted PDF files to your Kindle accordingly.

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Part 2: 4 Free Online Methods to Convert PDF to Kindle Format


When you need to convert PDF to different Kindle formats online, including AZW, CBZ, CHM, DJVU, DOCX, EPUB, FB2, HTML, MOBI, PDF, TXT, etc. Aconvert is a versatile PDF converter that enables you to convert more than 10 files within 40MB. Moreover, there are some advanced settings to get the desired Kindle files.

Step 1: Go to the Aconvert eBook converter on your web browser, you can click the Choose Files button to select the PDF files on your computer. Of course, you can choose a file from URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Step 2: Choose the desired Kindle formats, including AZW, EPUB, HTML, DOCX, and more file formats. After that, you can click the Convert Now! button to convert PDF to Kindle formats.

Step 3: The output Kindle files will be listed in the Conversion Results section. Click the Download icon to show the file QR code or save the file to online storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

PDF to AZW Aconvert


Calibre is a fantastic tool for organizing and managing your eBook collection. It allows you to convert PDF files into Kindle books, including EPUB, FB2, HTMLZ, LIT, LRF, MOBI, and PDB. This package includes an e-library, which you may store in any format you have chosen. Moreover, you can convert PDFs and employ PDF reader sync capabilities.

Step 1: To add a PDF to Calibre when you go to the online PDF converter on your web browser. After that, you can just double-click on it and select the Add to Calibre button.

Step 2: Select the book that was just uploaded and then click on the Convert Books button to convert PDF to Kindle. Converting on an individual basis can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. In the pop-up window, click the Output Format drop-down menu and select the file format you want to use. If you are satisfied with the changes you have made, click the OK button.

Calibre eBook Converter

Online EBook Converter

When you need to convert PDF documents to Kindle-compatible files, Online EBook Converter is a free online PDF converter that you can use from any computer or mobile device. The submitted PDF files will be removed from this site after 10 downloads or 24 hours. If you are working with the uploaded file, you can choose to have it removed from your computer.

Step 1: To convert PDF to AZW or any other Kindle file format, go to the Online EBook Converter website and select the Convert to AZW button or any other Kindle file format from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Choose the Files button, and then the PDF file to convert from the drop-down menu. Moreover, you can also drag-and-drop the PDF files into the online PDF converter.

Step 3: Click on the Start Conversion button on the conversion toolbar. The file may be uploaded to the Cloud or downloaded in its converted format or as a ZIP file after the conversion process has been completed.

Online EBook Converter


You can also use the PDF2Kindle online converter for this process. It is possible to convert PDF documents to the Kindle-native AZW3 format and other formats, which is free web software. The application may be used using a web browser. Simply visit the website and upload the PDF file you desire to convert to Kindle format.

Step 1: Go to the online PDF2Kindle by clicking on the Upload Files button, you may select up to 20 PDF files to convert. Allow for the completion of the conversion.

Step 2: You have the choice of downloading the findings one at a time or downloading them all at once in a ZIP package by selecting the Download All option from the menu bar after the conversion process.

PDF2Kindle Converter

Part 3: FAQs on How to Convert PDF to Kindle Format

1Can I read PDF on Kindle Basic?
Yes, you may read PDF files on the Kindle Basic edition. The Kindle platform supports PDF, which eliminates the need to convert the document. However, this may provide some difficulties due to the fact that PDF is prepared for the large screen. As a result, you will zoom in and scroll significantly more.
2Can you transfer PDF books to Kindle?
Each Kindle device comes with its own unique email address. All you have to do is send an email to that address, attaching the PDF. You will receive an email indicating that your kindle device has received an email. Simply click on the link to accept the paper. The link will expire in 48 hours. The PDF will be downloaded to your Kindle device after you click on the link.
3How do you convert a PDF into a reading mode?
Convert the PDF to a more readable eBook format, such as MOBI, AZW3, or EPUB. Convert PDF to different eBook file formats using the PDFElement or online services such as Calibre. You may read your converted PDFs on Kindle without any problem.


Despite the fact that the Kindle supports PDF files, viewing a PDF file on it is a frustrating experience. However, this does not have to be the case in every situation. There are tools available for converting books in PDF format to a file format that is compatible with the Amazon Kindle device. PDFElement is the best option if you're looking for software that transforms PDF files to the Kindle format. In contrast, Calibre and Online EBook Converter are the most effective options. Online PDF to Kindle converters are also pretty effective. You are free to use whichever technique is more convenient.

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