Convert PDF to Text – 2 Efficient Methods to Get Text from PDF Files

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When you have some important files from PDF, how do you convert PDF to text for further editing? Of course, you can simply copy the text from the PDF directly if the PDF is editable. As for the scanned PDF or encrypted PDF files, you have to extract the texts from PDF with DRM protection. As the most frequently used PDF toolkit, Adobe Acrobat is the default solution to convert PDF to text. You can also learn more about the best and most professional alternatives from the article.

Convert PDF to Text

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to Text Using PDFelement

PDFelement is a sophisticated PDF converter and decrypter that extract the images and text from any PDF file easily. It not only converts PDF to Text, Word, Excel, Image, and other file format but also polish the desired PDF before conversion. Moreover, there are some advanced features to merge, combine, crop, and split the PDF files.

1. Convert PDF to text, image, Word, Excel, and other file formats in batch.

2. Decrypt the DRM protection to make texts from the PDF files searchable.

3. Perform the advanced OCR algorithm to extract the text from PDF easily.

4. Provide editing features to merge, split, crop, and more other features.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program and click the Open File button to access the PDF file. After opening the file, click the Convert button and then pick the To Text button to convert PDF to text directly.

Extract PDF to Text PDFElement

Step 2: If the scanned PDF is not searchable, you can go to the Tool menu and choose the OCR feature to detect the scanned file. If the scanned files are not clear enough, you can have another scanning or adjust the settings for the PDF beforehand.

Perform OCR for PDF PDFElement

Step 3: In the OCR PDF window, you can choose the Scan to searchable text in image option, select the desired PDF page you want to scan and click the desired language to detect. Click the Apply button and it will convert PDF to editable text.

Scan Text from Image PDFElement

Step 4: When you extract the texts from the PDF, you can edit the text and adjust the different settings, such as font type, size, color, or any other change, you can do it in this step. You can also add objects, images, and change the text completely.

Edit Text in PDF PDFElement

Step 5: Navigate to and choose the destination folder on your PC where you wish to save the converted file, and then click the Save button. The converted file will be stored in the directory you specify. Of course, you can further edit the text with Word.

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Part 2: How to Use Adobe Acrobat to Export PDF to Text

When converting a PDF file to text or RTF, Adobe Acrobat Export PDF is the online service with optical character recognition or OCR. OCR is the process of converting photos of text into editable characters so that the text may be searched, corrected, and copied. It does OCR on PDF files that contain pictures, vector graphics, hidden text, or a mix of these components when OCR is enabled. Moreover, it does OCR on the text that it is unable to read due to improper text encoding in the source application.

Step 1: Log in to the Adobe Acrobat Export PDF online with your web browser and choose the desired PDF files to export from the Select PDF files to the Export menu. After that, you can click the Choose Files from My Computer button and browse to your PDF.

Step 2: Select the export format for the PDF file from the Export To drop-down list. Select an appropriate document language for text recognition from the Document Language drop-down selection. It improves the accuracy of the conversion.

Download PDF Converted Text Adobe

Step 3: To convert PDF to text, click the Export to format option. After that, the online server will upload the specified PDF file and the content is exported to the requested format. To save the file to your computer or device, click the Download icon.

Export Text with Adobe Online

Part 3: FAQs about How to Convert PDF to Text

1Should I convert PDF to text or Word?
If you want to extract the text from a PDF file only, you can simply convert PDF to Text. To get the images, format, and other information from the PDF, you can convert PDF to a Word document. Just perform the OCR feature to get the desired files easily.
2Is there a method to convert PDF to text for free?
Yes. There are multiple methods to convert PDF to text for free. Google Drive is one of the most recommended ones to convert the image from a PDF into searchable text easily, which can remove the security from the PDF during the OCR process.
3How to copy and paste the text from PDF directly?
When you need to use some of the text from the PDF, you can simply copy and paste the text directly. But you should make sure the PDF is editable and searchable. Just remove the DRM protection via PDF decrypter or use the OCR algorithm.


Converting PDF into text is essential to modify the content of a PDF file. Also, this process is not as difficult as other users expect. You may export your PDF files into text with simple clicks with the help of OCR technology. If you want faster, easy, and secured conversion, you may trust this activity to PDFelement that will provide a good outcome.

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