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How to create a PDF form with interactive toolkits? When you need to make some simple PDFs, you can just make the form or add the texts in Word or Excel, and convert Word/Excel to PDF. To create an interactive PDF form with links, comments, watermarks, headers, and more, you have to choose professional PDF makers. Here are 4 PDF creators to make a PDF form from the article.

How to Create a PDF Form

Part 1: The Best PDF Maker to Create Professional PDF Forms

Whether you need to make a PDF form from scratch or add some special interactive toolkits, PDFelement is a versatile PDF maker to create or make professional PDF forms. It provides multiple advanced features that can create personalized PDF forms and templates with text fields and buttons. It has a whole series of PDF editing features with detailed parameters. You can always design the PDF form as easily as Microsoft Office.

1. Insert, delete and modify texts and images in interactive PDF forms.

2. Annotate, watermark, and comment PDF pages with different markups.

3. Create PDF forms with buttons, text fields, and other interactive tools.

4. Convert Word, Excel, HTML, images, and other files to PDF forms easily.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program and go to the File menu. Click the Blank PDF button from the Create menu to create a new blank PDF file on your computer. Just take advantage of the advanced tools to complete the files.

Create PDF from Scratch PDFElement

Step 2: When you are creating PDF files with a certain theme, such as To-do List, Invoice, Invitation, and others, you can click on the Create a PDF button and choose the PDF Template button and you will enter the Template Mall. Search for the desired template you need to create.

Create PDF from Template PDFElement

Step 3: To add the interactive tools to the PDF form fields, you can click the Form tab and choose any of the form options. Move the cursor to the area on the PDF page you wish to add the interactive option, such as check box, radio button, text field, and others accordingly.

Add Interactive Tool PDFElement

Step 4: Add the desired files and adjust the parameters to the desired PDF, you can switch to the Preview mode located in the Form tab to start filling out the form. Once done, you can click the Close Form Editing button before clicking the Save button to make the PDF form.

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Part 2: 3 Free PDF Form Makers to Create PDF Forms

How to Create a PDF Form Online with DocFly

To create a PDF form in a jiffy, DocFly is the desired choice to convert and create PDF forms with just a few clicks. It enables you to create an interactive form for free online and edits up with multiple features. Moreover, it enables you to import and export PDF files from cloud services, like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Step 1: Go to the PDF Form Creator link of DocFly with your web browser, you can click the Click to upload button or the Create a form on a blank page button to make a PDF form online.

Step 2: It will be redirected to the free online PDF form creator window, in which you can choose the Form Creator menu to add text field, paragraph field, check box field, radio field, list field, and others.

Step 3: Once you made the desired PDF form, you can go to the Editor menu to add the desired texts and images. Head to the Organize menu to reorder or merge pages. Once done, you can click the Save button.

DocFly PDF Form Creator

How to Make a PDF Form via Office Word/Excel

Just as mentioned above, if you have a ready document in Word or Excel, you can create a PDF directly with Microsoft Office. It is a convenient method to save Office files to PDFs. But there are some limitations for converting Word or Excel to PDF directly, such as lacking some interactive tools, limited editing tools, etc.

Step 1: Open the Word document or Excel spreadsheet you wish to convert within your Office. After that, click the File menu and choose the Save As button from the list.

Step 2: Choose the location you wish your PDF to be saved at the Save As screen. Press the dropdown arrow on the right side of the Save As box then choose the PDF (*.pdf).

Step 3: You can change the file name. Once you are done, click the Save button. After making a PDF from the Word file, you can back to Word and open the new PDF automatically.

Word Save as PDF

How to Create a PDF with a Template Online

JotForm’s Fillable PDF creator has features to send and save forms, simple drag and drop form creation, and full online functionality. Moreover, you can also create a PDF for free from templates. Moreover, the free PDF maker works on all platforms and devices, you can create the desired file without an Internet connection.

Step 1: Through the drag and drop form builder, you can preset the fields such as the name, email, and address. These are located in the left corner. You can also include a logo or images in your new PDF form.

Step 2: Choose the form you wish to make into a PDF from the My Forms dashboard. Choose the Create PDF Form option from the More drop-down on the form. The process will start immediately.

Step 3: The new form is all set and ready. You can preview the PDF within the online PDF maker or edit the files. After that, you can start sharing your PDF form with others for further editing or adjustments.

Step 4: It will send the PDF forms directly to your email as well as the JotForm account. When others start working on the PDF files. JotForm will export the related data as CSV, Excel, or PDF files. You can also integrate your PDF into Google sheets or make a visual report.

JotForm PDF Creator


Creating a PDF fillable form is essential in the workplace and businesses. Through the methods shared, you can find the best methods that will work for you. Here are the 4 workable PDF makers that enable you to create PDF forms that are not only fillable but also interactive. When you need to make an interactive PDF, PDFelement is the professional PDF editor.

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