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Affinity Photo Introduction and Alternative Programs

Affinity Photo is one of best Photoshop alternatives. If you do not like the Adobe’s subscription model, it should be a good alternative choice. This photo editor was just available on Mac at first. But now the designer has released a version for Windows users. As a professional photo editor, it is popular; while it is not perfect software. And sometimes users need to comparison before making a smart decision. In addition, Affinity Photo does not provide free trail, so you cannot try it before pay for it. Therefore, this article will introduce Affinity Photo and some alternatives.

Affinity Photo Banner

Affinity Photo introduction

Affinity Photo has some advantages as a photo editor. For example, it supports most photo formats, like PSD, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and more, and camera RAW files. Users could edit RAW files directly in Affinity Photo. The Windows version and Mac version is similar, so cross platform users could enjoy a seamless experience. After testing, the pros & cons of this software are clear.


1. Affinity Photo has a customizable interface, so users could extend its top-end features. That is appropriate to advanced users.

2. Its price is only half of Photoshop.

3. Users could edit RAW files directly. It offers almost all features related to RAW files.

4. Affinity Photo has a set of modules, including Photo, Liquefy, Develop and Export personas. Each module has its own workspace.


1. The customizable interface is less friendly to beginners.

2. Its price is nearly $ 50. That is not affordable to some users, like students.

3. Each module has a set of tools. That is easy to make users lost in Affinity Photo.

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Best alternatives

1. WidsMob Viewer

Although WidsMob Viewer is not as powerful as Affinity Photo, amateurs will find out all necessary features in Photo Viewer. So it is the best Affinity Photo for amateurs. Just learn more about the basic features.

1. It supports Mac OS now, but developer will release a version for Windows users as soon as possible.

2. Photo Viewer could read almost all photo formats and camera RAW files.

3. It integrates a strong algorithm, so you can enjoy a fast and seamless experience within Photo Viewer.

4. You can edit high-resolution images in Photo Viewer, like gigapixel panoramas.

5. This Affinity Photo alternative provides multiple viewing modes, like full screen, library, thumbnail, EXIF and slideshow.

6. It is also a friendly editing tool for beginner. You can rename or resize images, and adjust exposure, contrast, saturation and other parameters.

7. Effects embedded in Photo Viewer will make your images unique.

Add Effects to Photo on Viewer

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2. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is another photo editor. And it is the best alternative of Affinity Photo for Mac users. In addition to Mac version, Pixelmator also has an iOS app. So it is more appropriate to Apple fans. Here are some useful features you should know.

1. It has a clean interface, so it is friendlier than Affinity Photo.

2. Pixelmator provides basic tools to edit photos, like crop, zoom, resize, select and paint.

3. It also allows users to adjust color, resolution and other parameters.

4. The built-in 126 filters are amazing features.

5. Unfortunately, it does not support HDR images or panoramic pictures.


3. Paint

Paint is a free pre-install photo editor and the best alternative of Affinity Photo for Windows users. Microsoft Paint is really an easy photo editor. Sometimes it seems too simple. After updated, it now has evolved more features, like multiple layers, extensive editing tools.

1. It is the fast photo-editing tool on Windows.

2. Microsoft has integrated 3D image creating and editing tools within the latest version of Paint.

3. This Affinity Photo alternative is compatible with all Windows platform, including Windows 10.

4. It is pre-installed software, so Windows users do not need to download and install it again.



GIMP is an open source photo editor and the best alternative of Affinity Photo for cross-platform users. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Another advantage of GIMP is free. Check the principal features as below.

1. It is a package of freeware, so both beginners and advanced users could grasp it easily.

2. Users could use it as paint software and photo editor.

3. This Affinity Photo alternative supports high quality images, gigapixel images.

4. There are many plugins for GIMP. Advanced users could enjoy the extensive features.

5. It also has some basic photo editing tools, like crop, resize and adjust, and various filters.

GIMP Photo Editor

5. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an online photo editor and one of the best online alternatives of Affinity Photo. One of advantage of PicMonkey is free. Except for the easy to use online solution also provides some excellent features.

1. It is an online photo editor, so users do not need to download and install anything on their computers.

2. PicMonkey provides basic photo editing tools, like crop, rotate, sharpen and resize.

3. This Affinity Photo alternative also supports to import photos from cloud services, like Dropbox and Flickr.

4. Users could also use Text and Frame features to beautify their photos.

PicMonkey Photo Editor


As you can see, Affinity Photo is good photo editor for professionals; while not very suitable to amateurs. And its target users are apparently advanced users. Therefore, this article introduces some alternatives. These Affinity Photo alternatives are friendlier; so even beginners could enjoy their features.

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