10 Best Sony RAW Converters to Turn ARW/SR2/SRF into JPG Files with Ease

Last Updated on November 29, 2021 by Peter Wood

Once you have taken shots with Sony digital cameras, you should get some Sony RAW files, such as ARW, SR2, or SRF files. But you are not able to view or edit the RAW photos directly within the default programs. What are the best Sony RAW converters to turn ARW/SR2/SRF photos into JPG with ease? Just learn more about the 10 best RAW converters for Sony digital cameras from the article.

Best Sony RAW Converter

Part 1: Top 8 Sony RAW Converters on Windows/Mac

For the RAW files are much better in photo quality and contain data for the camera sensors, the Sony RAW files are large. It can use the Sony RAW converters on Windows and Mac to convert many ARW/SR2/SRF files.

Top 1: WidsMob ImageConvert

WidsMob ImageConvert is a simple Sony RAW converter that converts ARW, SR2, or SRF photos into JPG with a batch process. Moreover, it also enables you to add photo frames, compress images, resize RAW and add watermark to the desired RAW photos within clicks.

1. Convert Sony RAW to JPG, TIFF, BMP, and more other photo formats.

2. Batch process for conversion, add frames, rename, add watermark, etc.

3. Preview the RAW photos directly within the Sony RAW converter easily.

4. Advanced hardware acceleration to convert the RAW files with a fast speed.

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How to Convert Sony RAW Files into JPG

Step 1: Download and install the Sony RAW converter. You can launch the program on your computer. Just import the whole folder or drag-n-drop the SD card into the RAW converter. It will load the RAW photo into the program at a fast speed.


Step 2: When you want to add the converted RAW files into the website, you can resize the photos in different modes, rename images, rotate RAW, add frames, and even add a watermark in both text and image within a batch process within clicks.

Image Watermark ImageConvert

Step 3: Click the Start convert button at the bottom right corner to open the profile dialog. Hit the folder icon next to the Destination box and set a specific directory for storing output. Unfold the Format drop-down list and select your favorite image format, like JPEG.

Save Photo with ImageConvert
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Top 2: Sony Creative Viewer

Just as the name of the photo viewer, Sony Creative Viewer is more than a Sony RAW converter. It also enables you to view the different RAW files with ease. It is bundled software within the digital camera software kit.


1. Support all Sony RAW files, such as ARW, SR2, and SRF.

2. Control exposure, color, tone, and more other parameters.

3. Free to view and convert Sony RAW files as desired.


1. Require a high configuration to convert and view the RAW files.

2. It takes space to install the Sony RAW converter.

Sony Creative RAW Viewer

Top 3: Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is the most professional Sony RAW converter and editor released by Adobe for enthusiast photography audiences. It will cost $9.99 per month, which is cheaper than other Adobe programs.


1. Equip with a user-friendly interface.

2. Provide RAW profiles and filters.

3. Support advanced pro-level image editing tools.


1. The sharing options and social media channels are limited.

2. Some advanced features need extra payment.


Top 4: ACDSee Photo Studio

ACDSee Photo Studio is a RAW converter for Sony digital cameras and provides some professional photo managers and editors. It has digital asset management, a DAM logo, and more other tools.


1. Provide a set of RAW editing tools.

2. Correct RAW information, like geometry.

3. Support face recognition and geotagging.


1. The interface is not intuitive compared to competitors.

2. It lacks some features, like de-noise.

ACDSee Manage Mode

Top 5: CyberLink PhotoDirector

CyberLink PhotoDirector is a choice to edit RAW photos, optimize portrait, layer templates, exclusive AI tools, features, and more pro-level features.


1. Integrate with AI tools, filters, features, and more.

2. Provide effective noise reduction to optimize the quality.

3. Contain advanced portrait improvement features.


1. The lens-profile corrections are not enough.

2. Lack the geotag map, cloud service, and more.

CyberLink PhotoDirector

Top 6: Luminar

Luminar is another advanced Sony RW converter from Skylum with a full-featured, professional photo workflow solution. It has revolutionary tools and AI technologies and provides superpowers for creative photo editing.


1. Fix your photos based on raw data automatically.

2. Includes a wide array of filters and effects.

3. Adjust images with brush and gradients.


1. Many users reported the lag issue on Windows.

2. It lacks advanced technology, like face recognition.


Top 7: RawTherapee

RawTherapee is another excellent Sony RAW converter. It works on most Sony RAW formats and allows you to transcode them to popular photo formats and edit the RAW photos with advanced filters easily.


1. Let you control every aspect of RAW conversion.

2. Open-source and completely free to use.

3. Oceans of the wiki are available in the community.


1. It is short of professional tutorials and hard to use.

2. It lags on old computers without high configuration.


Top 8: Affinity Photo

This Sony RAW converter includes many photo editing tools that you can find in Photoshop. However, Affinity Photo is more cost-effective and with a free trial version to touch up and edit the RAW photos for all digital cameras.


1. Support most RAW camera files, including Sony RAW.

2. Make panorama and HDR with your photos.

3. Edit RAW files on multiple layers within clicks.


1. The photo management tools are limited.

2. You cannot customize the workspace.

Affinity Photo

Part 2: Top 2 Sony RAW Converters Online

Of course, if you only have several Sony RAW photos, you can also take advantage of the online Sony RAW converters to transcode the RAW files into the desired photos.

Top 9: Online Converter

Online Converter is a good Sony RAW converter online. It can convert RAW files online with customized photo quality and desired size within clicks from the web browser.


1. Convert Sony RAW online.

2. Resize or adjust image quality.

3. Support ARW, SRF, CR2, etc.


1. The max file size is 200MB.

2. It only converts RAW to JPG.

Online Converter

Top 10: FreeConvert

FreeConvert is another option to convert Sony RAW files online. It has the advanced settings to resize the out image and compress the output image with the desired quality online.


1. Upload RAW files from a computer or URL.

2. Resize your images.

3. Decide to compress images or not.


1. The output format is limited.

2. It cannot handle images in batches.



The article shares 10 Sony RAW converters to transcode the RAW photos within clicks. It has both professional image converters, like ACDSee Photo Studio. Others are free to use, such as Sony Creative Viewer. Moreover, you can also use the online Sony RAW converters to transcode a few RAW files online. WidsMob ImageConvert is the best option to convert Sony RAW files within a batch process.

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